Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You Guys Rock My Socks!

I am so lucky!

So lucky to have amazing people in my life (IRL & OL) that care enough about a little boy (my Colt) to send waves of prayers in his name up to our Lord during this difficult time. Thank you for your prayers, thoughts, well-wishes, donations, support and encouragement. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So lucky that several people care enough to send in donations to help us get to Detroit and back for surgeries that we hope will improve Colton's vision. It is so nice to know that there are still people out there who will lend a helping hand to someone that they barely even know. My heart is full of joy and thankfulness.

So lucky that today prayers were answered. Colton's test results showed no significant brain damage, he is developmentally behind, we knew that, but nothing on his 'top floor' is working against him so everything will be just fine, it will just take time (and more prayers).

So lucky that a person can live with just one kidney. The kidney scan showed that one of his kidneys is completely not functioning, it's basically sitting there like a shriveled up raisin. The other is working overtime to pick up the slack but it is functioning at 100%. Take that, you kidney smidney, we only need one of you anyways, so ha!

So lucky that I get to be the mother of such a tough little boy. He really is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.I am so lucky!

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  1. I'm so happy you got good test results! He sounds like an amazing little boy. I'm off to read some more of your story!