Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow is white and wet and cold.

The fact that Colton cannot see doesn't stop him from knowing what things look like, just like sighted children, he learns about things as he experiences them. The only difference is Mommy & Daddy (or whoever else is there) have to be his eyes for him. When you add what we tell him with what he can feel, smell, taste and hear, I think he gets a pretty good idea about all the amazing things God created on our planet.

We had about three inches of snow here in Kentucky this weekend. Last year we had snow but Colton was still to sick and little to go out and play in it. This year he got to experience the white, cold, wet, FUN stuff.He didn't care so much for playing in the snow but he LOVED sledding on top of it, with Daddy, Nana, Pops and cousin Miranda.He loved sledding so much than when it was time to come inwell, lets just say he was none too happy about it.

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  1. Your pics are wonderful~Unfortunately, I have seen too much of the white stuff! Looks like you and your family are enjoying Winter and all that goes with it!