Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Almost Home: Results from Detroit

First I would like to say 'Thank You' to everyone for your thoughts and prayers during this time, they really do mean the world to us. I’m writing on my MacBook as we are heading back home to Kentucky. Currently, we are driving straight through Ohio and frankly it is the most boring ride/drive ever. We have had a very interesting time in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Earlier today, after Colton’s VEP test, we met with Dr. Trese to discuss the results. The VEP test determines if the retinas are working by measuring what Colton can see through his brain waves. This was an important test because if Colton’s retinas were completely detached and therefore not working, we would know that no amount of surgery could help his vision. Well... BOTH of Colton’s retinas showed a moderate amount of activity!!! This means they are still semi-attached and Dr. Trese feels it would be beneficial to go ahead with surgery in each eye to improve Colton’s vision. He is hoping that afterwards Colton will be able to see the outlines of shapes and have better light perception. We are all very giddy here in my little red Ford Focus.

So, the next step is an exam under anesthesia at Beaumont Hospital on January 25th followed by one surgery and then a follow up appointment on Tuesday. Friday January 29th Dr. Trese will preform surgery in the other eye. After a follow up appointment on Monday February 1st, will be free to head back to Kentucky. We are going to make it a little vacation in the middle of winter, in the blistering cold of Michigan, kind of unconventional, but that’s just how we roll.


  1. What wonderful news! I pray all goes well with the surgeries!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the news, I'm so happy to hear that they feel surgery will improve his vision. Best of luck to all of you.

    Ann at little four eyes

  3. Holy crow- I wish I were being more on top of reading the blogs. You were in my town...RO. We could have met up or come to see you guys...now I'm bummed. Glad to hear things went well...when/if you're here again, give me a shout ahead of time and we can set something up!!