Friday, January 29, 2010

Round Two (second surgery in Detroit)

It's a cold Friday morning in Detroit and we are all up getting ready to leave for Colton's 2nd eye surgery at Beaumont Hospital. Monday's surgery was a victory we are hoping for a repeat today. Colton's right eye (the one they will be working on today) needs more work than the left. Dr. Trese thinks the retina might have a hole in it which is why they took blood plasma from me on Tuesday, they will inject it into his eye and, from what I understand, it will hopefully act as glue to help repair the retina. They will also try to remove scar tissue from previous surgeries just as they did with during Monday's operation.

Two surgeries in one week is a lot for anyone especially for a two year old but he is hanging in there. We will have a follow up appointment on Saturday and on Tuesday then we will be able to go home. But we were informed on Tuesday that we will have to come back to Detroit in about 2 weeks for a short stay and then on and off again for the next several years. As a result of this news, I have left the 'donate' button on the right side of my page. We have already receieved so much help that I hate to have to imply that we need more, but we do. My heart goes out to everyone who have already donated to us, I hope one day we will be comfortable enough to help others as they have helped us. I also understand that times are rough and a lot of people need as much if not more help than we do, prayer and encouragement is just as important to us as monetary support so we are thankful for everyone who has lended a hand in any way they could.

I plan on having internet access during tomorrow's procedure so I will be sure to update twitter.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know I've been following all of your updates on Twitter and have Colton and all of your family in my prayers.