Friday, December 3, 2010

Refresh Everything

Each month pepsi is giving 1.3 million in grants to people/groups/organizations that have refreshing ideas. Each idea is voted on by people like you and in the $250,000 category, the top 2 ideas receive funding. It is a very refreshing program.

Now, I need your help. Colton has been receiving vision therapy from VIPS (Visually Impaired Preschool Services) since he came home from the NICU in May 2008. VIPS has been serving children who are blind and visually impaired for 25 years in Kentucky. Ms. Dixie (his teacher/therapist from VIPS) has been a blessing to say the least. There are two offices- Louisville and Lexington. The teachers travel most of the state to provide therapy and education to the children in their homes. Louisville's office started a preschool program to provide more services for their children with visual impairments. This state of the art facility is not only used for the preschool but also provides programs for children birth to three that are visually impaired. The Lexington location, wants to do the same for their children. The problem is their current building will not house a licensed preschool. To see this dream come true to offer more programs and services to children in the Central and Eastern areas of KY they will need to move to another facility. With your help, this new facility will provide children with an enriched educational environment that will meet their needs for hands on learning and meeting their developmental milestones.

Needless to say, this would greatly benefit the visually impaired children here in our area and you can make this happen by voting for VIPS' idea. How? you ask. It's easy! You can vote once a day (from now to Dec. 30th) by visiting here AND by texting 104721 to 73774. You can vote online as well as by text everyday. We have a great opportunity to help these children be better prepared to face a world full of challenges.