Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where did summer go?

Ahhh! It's already August and my last post was in... MAY! I have been a major, major slacker this summer but I have had a lot of fun with everything that's been keeping me busy and away from blogging. However, the last couple weeks, I keep hearing this little voice in my head saying "write a post, it'll do some good." So "little voice" I am listening, because as time consuming as this blog can be (when I'm actually posting on a regular basis) it is also VERY therapeutic.

I would like to apologize to everyone who keeps up with Colton via my blog, those of you who do not have or haven't found me yet on facebook are probably wondering what the little guy has been up to lately... well... LOTS! Therapies, fairs, horseback riding and sooo much more. We have been super busy. One big thing we have been working on... walking! I've shared this video on facebook but its about time it appears on my blog.

Will it be another two months before I post again? I'm not making any promises, but my bets on N-O.