Saturday, January 30, 2010

A pat on the back for Dr. Trese

Don't you feel so sorry for him? We do... so he is being super spoiled right now. All good news from the follow up appointment this morning. A light was shined in Colt's right eye and he flinched! He has never been able to see anything out of that eye before. It was very exciting. After the surgery yesterday Dr. Trese examined the other eye that he had operated on earlier in the week. He told everyone in the room that he should pat himself on the back for the job he had done to Colton's left eye. Apparently, it looks THAT good. Next, we have an appointment on Tuesday in Dr. Trese's office then we will hopefully be headed back down south. I miss my old Kentucky home!

***By the way, I am aware that I forgot to post this weeks braille alphabet letter. To be honest, it completely slipped my mind with all that has been going on. We will resume with the letter 'B' next week. Have you been watching for braille out in the world?I have!
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