Friday, November 13, 2009

Cries of Joy

January 25, 2008
Colton is two months old today, I cannot believe it. He amazes me so much.

January 25, 2008
Colton is doing pretty good. He is still having a big issue with feedings... they have stopped them completely again. He is having the preemie version of an upper and lower GI on Monday... Nurse Heather said she and Colton will probably be in radiology all day Monday so hopefully they can pinpoint the problem and start fixing it. He had to go back on the ventilator for the broviach placement on the 22nd and they are keeping him on it until after his procedures on Monday... his settings are still low. He is now a member of the 1000 gram club!!! He weighed 1045 last night (almost 2lbs. 5oz.) but he is a little puffy so he might lose it tonight. Two months old equals two things. First, an eye exam. This happened on the 24th and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, his eyes are of course underdeveloped so exams will continue periodically. Second, vaccinations. Today he got three shots and you could tell that it broke Nurse Heather's heart to have to give them to him. I had to be in class this evening when they were given but Daddy was right by his side. Seth said that he made a horrible face after the first one but by the second and third he acted like a pro. I guess with all Colton has been through, he isn't going to let a silly shot get him down. That's our little fighter!!!

January 29, 2008
Last night while we were visiting Colton, Nurse Darla decided to weigh him for the night. He weighed a whopping 1165 grams or 2lbs. 9oz. He gained 75 grams from the night before to then. It is great to see him gaining this much weight even though he is not being fed anything at the moment. He had the radiology procedures but they couldn't find out the problem with his feeding intolerance so they are going to run a few more tests over the next couple days.

January 30, 2008
The results from his tests just showed that he had a narrowing in his intestines and that was the cause for all his feeding problems. They led me to believe that this would more than likely fix itself... he still has one more test sometime today. For now, the have restarted his feeds and so far he is handling it well. He lost a little bit of weight last night but they expected this so no big deal. He still weighs 2lb. 8oz. The best news of all is... NO MORE VENTILATOR (for now). They took him off yesterday and put him on CPAP (forced oxygen). For the first time tonight, my mom and I got to hear him cry, we both teared up, I have been waiting since 12:19 pm on November 25th to hear that amazing sound.

January 31, 2008
I am very excited for this weekend. Last August my mother, grandmother and I sat down to decide on a date for my baby shower. We all agreed on the first weekend in February. Colton was not due until March 17th so that would give us plenty of lead way just in case he decided to come a little early. Boy, were we waaaaay off. This weekend they are still going to throw my amazing shower, it will just be a little different because my beautiful son has already graced us with his wonderful presence.

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