Monday, November 16, 2009


Back to Colton's NICU story after the Anniversary Post yesterday.

February 3, 2008
Last night, after the baby shower Tiffany and I went to visit Colton, not long after we got there he began to crash. He stopped breathing, his oxygen saturation reached the single digits ultimately getting down to 1 with his heart rate reaching tremendous lows also. It was really frustrating to be in there during this because the Nurse was hollering that she needed a doctor and no one was coming... this stressed us both out a lot. We had to leave the room so they could work on him and before the night was over he had stopped breathing and had to be given CPR and put back on the ventilator. After running some blood tests they determined that his broviach (semi-permanent IV) had gotten infected and the infection was causing him to be sick. They are giving him antibiotics and keep him on the vent until they get the infection under control, apparently this type of infection is fairly common in preemies. This is a big turn around from how well he was doing Saturday considering he was breathing on his own with only a nasal cannula supplying his oxygen. I suppose this is just another bump in the road but I am so ready for re-paving.

February 4, 2008
Colton is still very sick, he is a fighter though. He had to be "bagged" on and off throughout the night. Still in the wake of all this bad news we have to find some good. Well, the good is... Colton weighed in at 1300 grams last night, that's 2lb. 14oz. almost 3LBS!!! They measured his length also, he is 39 cm./15 3/4 in. And right now he seems to be keeping his food down.

February 5, 2008
Our boy is still sick. This common infection is causing a lot more trouble than they thought it would. He is holding on, I know this has to be so hard on him. I'm scared and finding it harder and harder to keep my emotions in check. Most of the time I just feel like laying in bed and crying, I know that I have to be strong for him, he keeps me going.

February 7, 2008
Colton was accidentally extubated this morning and he seemed to be doing fine after his breathing tube was gone so they decided to try him out on just the Nasal cannula (the oxygen just like we would get in the hospital) and as of tonight he was still doing well on just that. He weighed 1400 grams last night... 3lb. 1oz. so he is getting up there! He is a little puffy from the infection (which they are still trying to get rid of) but most of the weight is really his. He didn't really act like he felt bad today. I am hoping the worst of this particular infection is behind us, but for now the ventilator is OFF!

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