Wednesday, November 25, 2009

172 Days

Today, Colton's birthday, we finish the story of his NICU experience. It has been great to share his story in honor of Prematurity Awareness Month.

May 12, 2008
COLTON'S COMING HOME! Seth and I are spending the next two nights at UK taking care of him as if he was at home but still having the crutch of the nurses if we REALLY need them. We are staying in a private room with him and so far this morning everything is going great... Colton is sleeping just inches from me as I type. Seth had to go to work a little while ago so Nana is up here keeping us company. The oxygen and monitor people are going to meet with me in just a little while. On Wednesday we will finally have our miracle boy at home with us! I almost forgot we have even more WONDERFUL news. Colton had a hearing test yesterday and... His hearing is normal!!! Praise God for this amazing information!

May 13, 2008
Last night went very well. No problems other than the fact that Colton likes to sleep more during the day than at night. We meet with the oxygen/monitor company at 11 this morning. He is sleeping now so I am going to try and eat breakfast.
This morning we had training for the home monitor and home oxygen. I hooked up the monitor after the training and it has not went off once. And as I type Colton is next to me asleep in his car seat. They put them in their car seat for the length of time it will take for us to get home tomorrow. As long as he handles it well and keeps his "numbers" in a certain range then we are good to go. The eye doctor has cleared him for discharge so nothing is holding us back, we are going home tomorrow! He has pictures at 9:30 a.m. and then we will be getting ready to head home.

May 14, 2008
After 172 days at UK Hospital's NICU, Colton Lee Darnell is finally going to get to come home today. We are still at the hospital but in just an hour or so we will be walking out the front door with our little miracle. I am so amazed and humbled by our experience here, I have grown as a person and a mother over the last several months. I am especially thankful for all of our family, friends and strangers who have diligently prayed for Colton and given us so much help during this rough time, we are forever grateful.

May 15, 2008
Colton is at home, resting peacefully. Right where he belongs.

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  1. Even though I knew he made it home and is doing great now, I still cried reading this. What a remarkable amazing journey. I am so happy for you all! Happy Birthday Colton!