Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lashed Out

Some days, okay everyday, I imagine that I have his eyelashes. Then, I look in the mirror, shake my head and dab on a couple extra coats of mascara.
Aren't they just gorgeous?


  1. I have to agree, he does have gorgeous eyelashes! :) He also has such a sweet smile.

  2. He has his daddy's lashes and isn't that way that the guys get the lashes and we have to use mascara! Love the new pictures! I am so happy you love taking pictures too! You will enjoy them the rest of your days! Colton's Gigi

  3. He has beautiful eyelashes! I envy my son's eyelashes, too... hehe! :)

    You know, I was just telling my mom last night at the store... I still have my mascara that I bought 5 years ago from the MAC inside of Dillards or Macys- Mom brain now, work with me! ha! Honestly best mascara ever. I have converted everyone who has every tried it. It's in a plain black tube.. They will put it on you first if you want, try before you buy. It's in a plain black tube. Best.Stuff.Ever.

    Just Mommy advice to another Mommy. Your son is adorable!! :)