Saturday, December 19, 2009

Up North

For some time now we have been trying to get an appointment with Dr. Michael Trese (the best of the best as far as Pediatric Ophthalmology is concerned) in Royal Oak/Detroit, Michigan. As many of you know, Colton is blind due to Grade 4 Retinopathy of Prematurity in both eyes. We have been told that if anything at all can be done to improve (NOT FIX) his eyes, Dr. Trese is the one to see.

Well, the date has been set. We will travel to up north on January 4, 2010 and stay for 2-3 days depending on Dr. Trese's findings. First, Colton will undergo some tests to determine if the portion of retina that is still attached is even working. Then, we will discuss our options as far as surgery is concerned. Colton has some scare tissue blocking his left retina, it is possible the tissue could be removed if it is determined his retina is still working behind all that mess. At best we are hoping for improved vision, not a magical fix, this means reading large print instead of relying solely on braille or walking without assistance as opposed to using a cane. Ultimately, these small things could mean a simpler life for our boy but we know he is quite capable of adapting to life with what tiny fragment of vision he has now, he has already proven that time and time again.

I am not going into this with any hopes or dreams, if something wonderful happens, then great, praise God. If not, well, we just go on living life as we are now, perfectly happy and healthy and full of love, praise God for that too.

***On a side note, please pray for good weather, we are driving. k? Thanks.

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  1. I have to tell you that Dr Trese IS amazing. He is great. My son has been seeing him since he was born with PFVS (like ROP but in full term babies) he reattached his retina...although the one in his left eye is looking like it is detaching again and so we are going to see him again on this coming monday (Dec 21st) for an asleep exam and maybe surgury...he does his surguries on Mondays and Fridays...and if you see him in the office...expect to wait he is great but sometimes the wait is a couple hours...I have been there many times and I will never see anyone else...I am praying that he is able to help whatever the problem is right now (his pupil is looking we got in to see him...) Anyway if you ever want to talk you can check out my blog ( or email me at my son will be 2 in January and was born full term but has had eye issues from birth... :( Your son has an amazing story and is such a miracle :) Take care and may Dr Trese be able to help your son and have a safe trip to Royal grandparents live 20 miles from Beaumont so that is where we stay... good luck!