Friday, December 4, 2009

It's December Already...?

Where have I been??? I started working again for the first time in Colton's life. I am substitute teaching for our local school system again. I really do love teaching and if I can ever finish college, I plan on doing it full time.

Colton had a great birthday party the Saturday before his actual birthday.We crammed 45 wonderful friends and family members into our 12oo square foot home. It was a BLAST!

He turned 2 on the 25th of November, we've been visiting all of his many Doctor's ever since for check ups. Even with all the appointments, the two-year-old version of Colton is just as happy and cute as ever.



  1. Yes, December is here! Looks like you had a great birthday party for Colton- Lots of love for the little guy! Good luck with your substitute teaching, everyday will be an adventure!

  2. How lovely that he had so many people come to celebrate.I always get so emotional just before my kids birthdays.I hope all goes well with the job and college.