Sunday, December 6, 2009

Darn Christmas Lights

So, just a couple nights ago we got out all of our Christmas decorations and started to put up the tree. When Seth plugged in the lights on our 7ft. pre-lit tree, 4 branches decided not to come on. We were totally bummed, especially since we just bought the tree last year. We considered all of our options, restringing the tree with separate lights, buy a whole new tree or just ignore the 4 branches that were out. None of these choices pleased me so I decided to do a little research, what I came up with was this...The LightKeeper PRO, literally the BEST thing since sliced bread. I was pretty sceptical when I read online that it would repair most Christmas light sets but we still decided to run to our local Do It Best Hardware store and purchase this gadget for about $20. As soon as we got home with it we got to work.

The directions are simple.

1. find the lights that are not working.

2. Replace one of the non-working bulbs with the pointy end of the handy dandy gadget and pull the trigger.and Voila! you have working lights again. It's really very nifty.If you have ever thrown out a strand of Christmas lights then you have to own one of these, it pays for itself almost instantly. My grandmother had the same problem we did so Seth took it down to her house and guess what IT WORKED again! By the way it also doubles as a bulb tester. This handy dandy easy fix it tool will certainly stay in our tree box for years to come. I'll leave you with a couple pictures of our lovely tree.

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