Friday, July 31, 2009

A little change will do you good.

My wonderful hubs keeps changing our "renovation schedule" first he decided to paint before laying the floor, then he changed it to lay floor before painting, now he is back to the original plan. So, you can replace 'Lay Flooring' with 'Begin Painting' on the Week 2 plan. He is over at the house painting as I type. The termite treatment was changed from week 1 to week 2 and is now going to have to be moved to week 3. They can't do it unless it has been dry for the 48 hours before and here in Kentucky it has been raining just about every single day. Hopefully, the termite treatment will happen next week but I've said that before. Seth did finish repairing the sub-flooring and is almost finished with the drywall, so kudos to him for working so hard. I just love him dearly, can you tell?

Another big change this week... MY MOM GOT A NEW DOG! Brandy our full size Doberman Pinscher died several months ago after years with our family. My parents house one of my dogs, Dallas and my sister's dog Cophie (like Sophie with a C) so they were maxed out on dog room. BUT once we move into the new house we are taking Dallas (German Shepherd) with us so we will have two dogs, Dallas and Daisy. Mom decided that since Dallas was leaving it was the perfect time for her to get the new puppy she had been wanting. So last night they traveled to Eastern Kentucky and my Father got my Mother a Mini Pinscher for their 25th Anniversary which is in mid August. She named her Roxy and she is incrediby adorable. See for youself below. I guess it is true, a little change can do you good.

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