Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Renovation - Day 1

We are full speed ahead with the first step of our renovation --- demolition! We closed yesterday afternoon at three and soon after my hard-working hubbster and his dedicated helpers began...

ripping out carpet...

and knocking down walls.

They got much more done that any of us thought was even possible the SAME day as closing. Today, FPB turned on our water and BFI delivered our rental dumpster, while Seth spent the entire morning at Lowe's gathering supplies. He took a nap this afternoon and is now out playing softball. I am so incredibly proud of him for working so hard and am keeping my fingers-crossed that he keeps it up. If you refer back to our list from my last post that only leaves the termite treatment, electricity inspection/turn on and the beginnings of repairing the sub-flooring and drywall damage from our tiny little friends, the termites, for the remainder of this week. It looks as though (for now) we are right on schedule. Check back soon for more updates.

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