Thursday, July 2, 2009

Houston, We have a crawler!!!

My little man is now crawling. Finally, after 19 months I get to to chase him around... and yes, I know I will regret this soon enough. It is kind of hard to just sit back and relax while letting your preemie cruise down his own tailored developmental track. I've caught myself questioning, more often then I'd like to admit, if Colton is ever going to catch up with his actual age or even corrected age peers. It's times like this that I shake my head and realize that it isn't the actual "catch-up" that really matters to me, I just want to know that my son is progressing and thriving developmentally. Realizing that I no longer have time to update my blog because my little shadow is crawling up behind me and trying his best to play with the pretty bright light that we all know as the computer screen, proves to me just that... he is doing just fine. I am so proud of my Colt-Colt!

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  1. It's so hard with preemies not to worry about every little milestone. Been there! My guys hardly said a word at two, and now at three, they never stop talking! They get there, in their own time. =)