Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Plan - Week 3

Ahhh the joys of renovating a house. This past week was a rough one. Seth started working 3rd shift, which means that, coming from 2nd shift, he had to work 16 hours straight on Saturday. Needless to say, the house stuff is coming along fine but definitely a little slower than week 1. Looking back at last weeks to-do list we finished repairing the sub-flooring and patched holes in the drywall, started the bathrooms, began painting and packed a little more. The termite treatment was scheduled for Wednesday but didn't happen due to rain for the 2nd week in a row. Tomorrow starts week 3 and here is our to-do list...

Week of Aug 3rd - 9th
  • Finish bathrooms *** Already done, hubby is ahead in the bathrooms!
  • Finish painting
  • Hang the new back door (may not happen this week)
  • Lay flooring
  • and HOPEFULLY termite treatment!!!
  • oh and continue packing
Let's pray the rain holds off for a couple days so all of our repaired sub-flooring doesn't become the termites new favorite hang out spot.

On a side note, Colton LOVES the computer almost as much as I do. The computer is the ONLY thing we can use as motivation to crawl/stand... see...

I think I can...

I think I can...

I THINK I can.

I CAN!!! (with a little help from Mommy)
In case you didn't get that... Colton has begun pulling up (see above)!!! I find it so hard to stay optimistic sometimes with all the developmental delays due to his "preemiehood". It is hard to see the other 20 month olds running around and climbing on everything while your child is just beginning to crawl and stand. Its hard but when he finally reaches those milestones it makes it that much better. I'm so proud of him, he has worked so hard with his therapists. We have a long way to go but I know we; Colton, our family, the wonderful therapists and all of our friends, can do it together.


  1. Wow,just found your blog. You are amazing and your little boy is GORGEOUS. I spent years as an English teacher and LOVED it. Best wishes with your studies. xxxx

  2. awww Yay! I just found your blog today and was reading Colton's story! It is such a blessing to see how far he has come! Yay Little guy! Congrats on him pulling up! SO amazing!