Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Proud Daughter

When I was younger I was always so proud that my parents were still married. In a world where divorce is so common it is refreshing to find a couple that took the saying "for better or worse" to heart. My Mother and Father are not in any way perfect, they fuss and fight with the best of them but the difference is they always find a way to work it out, they stick by each other and never abandon the commitment they made so many years ago. They have set a wonderful example for my Sister and I, we have watched them experience the best and the worst of times and manage to keep their marriage strong. Because of them I know that marriage takes a full commitment from both the man and the wife. Because of them I know to never give up on the one you love. Because of them I know that marriage is hard work but I also know that the fruit of such labor is plentiful. Now that I am older and married myself I am still incredibly proud that my parents are still traveling down the bumpy path of true love.Today, as they celebrate their 25th Wedding Anniversary, I hope they know that it is because of them that I know what love is.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.
I love you both very much.

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