Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Plan - Week 5

The floor is officially going down and we love it. There was a lot of painting going on this week, we hoped to be finished painting but that didn't quite happen. We are much closer though. Seth's Nana came in from St. Louis to check on the progress of the house and she helped my Mother and Seth's paint all the trim. Both bathrooms are complete, we are very happy with the way the turned out. If you have been keeping up with the schedule you know that next week is move in week, Seth keeps telling me everything will be done in time, I hope it will. Here is the plan for week 6.

Week of August 17-23
-Finish laying flooring
-Finish painting
-Kitchen work and appliances
-Small finishing touches
-Finish up packing (I have really been procrastinating on this part)

Oh, I almost forgot, the termite treatment DID happen last week. I guess being superstitious and not saying it WOULD happen in the last post worked!

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