Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Snapshots - Uh-oh Spaghetti O's

This weekend was quite eventful at the Darnell household. On Friday afternoon I took little man to see Dr. Chase because of a rash that appeared all over his body. Turns out that Colton has a penicillin allergy and was reacting to the Amoxicillin they gave him for his ear infection earlier this week. We got that straightened out and after a dose of Benadryl and instructions to never let Colton have anything in the penicillin family ever again, all was once again well.

Saturday, after cleaning the entire house, we went to visit Nana and Pops (my mom and dad). Seth and I teamed up against them for a game of Rook, we won! Cousin Miranda was with us all day Saturday and stayed the night, she was a big help with Colt.

This morning (Sunday) we went to church. We attend Forks of Elkhorn Baptist here in Frankfort, it is a wonderful church filled with amazing people. Tonight, Gigi and G-daddy (Seth's mom and dad) came for a visit.

So, that was our weekend. Enjoy the pics below! He had a lot of fun with his lunch Saturday.

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