Tuesday, October 12, 2010

June Bug

I haven't updated you all in almost a week for two reasons. 1. My computer was at the Apple Store being fixed (yay!) and 2. there just wasn't much to tell... until yesterday. I had an appointment with the baby doc (we'll call him/her Dr. D for confidentiality purposes) to get some more blood work and an ultrasound. At first, during the ultrasound Dr. D looked concerned causing me to almost have a heart attack but then she started asking questions about how sure I was on my dates. On the ultrasound, she only saw a gestational sac. We were expecting to see a little more but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. We have two options. First, that I am just really off on my dates and I ovulate at a weird time and baby is just fine only a lot smaller/younger than we originally thought. The grim option is that this pregnancy wasn't good from the beginning and the baby stopped developing leaving only the gestational sac to be seen. Both the ultrasound tech AND Dr. D were very confident that option A is what we are dealing with, especially when my hCG levels came back at just under 20,000 (recap: 10/1=922, 10/4=3,334). Option B is still in the back of our heads though, we are praying for a positive outcome. I also am now allowed to do more activities, just can't lift/pull/push anything over 10 pounds, including my Colton =( , or walk really long distances but I am no longer stuck on the couch 24/7!!!

So, (considering option A is correct) Sweet Pea will be a June baby instead of May, I'm fine with that as long as he/she is healthy.

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