Saturday, October 2, 2010

BIG NEWS part 2

As you can tell in my last post, Seth, Colton and I are very excited to be adding to our little family. We actually decided to start trying to have a child about three months ago but decided to take a break in August due to me returning to school and Seth working on new job prospects. Well, of course, God has his own plans and decided to bless us with "Sweet Pea" when we were least expecting it.

We are soooo thrilled at the prospect of becoming parents again and Colton gets very excited when we say "You are going to be a BIIIIG BROTHER!" (even if he doesn't really know what it means just yet). However, we are also very nervous and cautious at the same time. Due to Colton's early birth I am considered "high risk" which just means they will take extra precautions with this pregnancy. In fact, they already are. I am currently on "restricted activity" because of some complications that landed me in the Emergency Room late last night. Everything is fine for now, I return to the doctor Monday morning for some more tests and an exam. In the meantime, I am ordered to "spend the weekend laying on the couch watching movies", and take it easy. That is exactly what I am doing, the only complaint I have is the fact that I'm not allowed to lift Colton, he doesn't like this at all but its for the best so I will follow doc's orders.

Now for some logistics, Sweet Pea (the name my sister came up with for him/her, speaking of which today is her 21st Birthday ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT BOO***) is due sometime in late May/Early June 2011. I am only about five weeks along. We wanted to wait until at least eight weeks to make the big announcement but I am impatient and too excited to keep this to myself so it just kind of "slipped out" in the form of a certain "Big Brother" tee shirt. I am experiencing a few symptoms including fatigue, tenderness in certain areas, cravings (oddly Grease and Potatoes) and headaches. Not to mention, I have a very nasty cold that will not go away.

There are a lot of concerns and risks this early but we are deciding to remain optimistic and trust in the Lord with all our hearts that his plan is superior to our own. I am already in love with this little life growing inside of me, being a mother is what I was put on this earth to do and I am rejoicing in the fact that I have be given the chance to do so again.

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and congratulations, it means a lot to us, all FOUR of us! =)

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