Saturday, March 20, 2010

Trip #4

Tomorrow morning we leave for another trip to Michigan. This will be our fourth trip in just three months, we are TIRED but certainly ready for some insight from Dr. Trese. He will put Colton to sleep in the Beaumont Children's Surgery Center and examine his eyes, we will know a little bit more about how his eyes are healing after the surgeries in January. There is a very slim possibility that Colton will need more surgery but hopefully we will get out of Detroit without that happening. As always, prayers are welcome and appreciated greatly. I'm a bit bummed because Colton has just gotten back to his old smiley self just in time for the Docs to bother his eyes again and make him mad. I already know he will keep his head down and eyes closed for the next two-three weeks, I miss that smile when he is sad.

In other news... How about them WILDCATS? I could not be more pleased with the way UK is playing this season. We are dedicated big blue fans even during the crappy years but boy is it fun to win.

Spring is here and the weather is very nice. Colton's new favorite thing... falling asleep in the swing at a local playground, he loves being outside.

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