Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today is a hard day for me, it is Colton's 2nd "Corrected" Birthday. In the preemie world a corrected birthday is the date the child should have been born (the mother's due date). For Colton this day was March 17, 2008.

I was very excited to have a March baby, it was the perfect month in my opinion, not too hot or cold, just right. Our family is full of Fall and Winter Birthdays so it was a chance for our son to have his own little part of the year. I was quite disappointed when Colton decided to make his early appearance on November 25, 2007. Not only was my son fighting for his life but all my dreams of the perfect birthday for him had been crushed... you think of all the silly little things that could have and should have been when you have months to sit with your thoughts in the NICU.

In the beginning of our NICU experience they told us if Colton made it he would probably be in the hospital until around his due date. That date came, then went and we still didn't have Colton at home with us, I honestly cannot tell you how I made it to May 14th, it was the hardest 172 days of my entire life.

Colton celebrated his 2nd "actual" birthday 4 months ago. When I think about how far in the past that seems I realize just how much time he was robbed of to grow and thrive inside of me. It also reminds me how much of a miracle he is, as if I could EVER forget that.

Today is a hard day. It's hard because every time I close my eyes I am taken back to March 17, 2008 sitting by Colton's bedside, fighting back tears, reminding myself I needed to be strong for my little boy and wondering if he would ever make it home alive.

Corrected Birthdays should not exist, March of Dimes is working so hard to eliminate the term and make sure that ALL babies are born healthy but they need help to make this happen. I challenge you to donate just $5 today to help this very worthy cause in honor of Colton and all others who know just a little too much about corrected birthdays.

Happy Corrected Birthday, Sweet Boy
You're pretty much amazing!Colton Lee Darnell, March 17, 2008

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  1. Crystal,
    With tears in my eyes, I can say from my heart that it takes a mom of a very fragile preemie to really understand your feelings. You have said it so well. Here's to hoping that the March of Dimes continues their good work and here's to cheering them for the huge strides they have made. Colton was fortunate to have had the dramatically improved technology and medical knowledge. 32 years ago the story was much different.

    You will soon let go and forget of that unimportant "correct birthday". It is totally torturous and unnecessary. You have a beautiful, precious child.

    from Emily's Mom