Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ball of Infection

Hopefully, no one noticed that I only wrote like 6 posts in February... it's not entirely my fault though. Colton spent most of the month either recovering from eye surgery or being sick. It's been a rough month for him, ear infections, upper respiratory infection and one very nasty sinus infection... he has basically been one big ball of infection all month (costume idea for next Halloween...?) and he has been the grumpiest he has ever been in his entire life, literally.

Well Colton is back as of yesterday!!! He is back on his regular schedule and back to his smiley self (despite the still-constant stream of snot running out of his nose). This makes me very happy. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the extra cuddle time he insisted on just about every night but I am so thankful that my baby boy is getting back to his old self, I missed him.

I have also been increasingly busy with March for Babies - Team Colton fundraising (you can click the link if you would like to contribute). Considering Colton's battle with prematurity, our family is very passionate about March of Dimes and everything they do for babies like him. We have a few fundraising events in the works but I am slowly running out of ideas, if you have any suggestions that have worked for you in the past then please feel free to suggest them.

I am going to try very hard to at the very least write more posts this month than I did last... I am sure I can do it. We only have one trip Michigan this month (on the 22nd) so I think I will have much more time on my hands.

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