Sunday, February 21, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

Sorry that I haven't updated much lately, we've all been working pretty hard on March of Dimes stuff around here lately. Team Colton is at it full force!

Colton is almost back to normal, I'd say about 80%. He still keeps his eyes closed and head down a lot. I asked Dr. Trese about it during our latest trip to Michigan and he assured me that Colton is just keeping his head down and eyes closed trying to keep us from giving him his eye drops, he still hates them with a passion. The Doc was still very optimistic for improved vision, getting a strong red eye response in both eyes. This means that nothing is blocking the retinas now, like the scar tissue was before the surgery. I asked a couple time if he could tell me just how much "improved" we were talking and he gave me the same answer that he did right after each surgery... "We will just have to wait and see but things look good". Like I have said before, it will take up to nine months for us to know just how well the surgery worked, talk about anxiety, shew!

In other news, Colt got his first "real" haircut yesterday. He won't quite look up for pictures just yet so I will have to try and get one soon, he looks like such a big boy. Daddy and I did it because we knew he wouldn't let anyone else near his head right now. I held him while Daddy cut his hair and guess what... he loved it... who knew?

He is doing so well at cruising the furniture, I have a feeling that one day he will just take off, once he gets going there is no stopping him, he's a fighter.

There isn't much else to report, we are all (currently) happy, healthy and thriving.

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  1. This is nice news. I know it's hard to "wait and see" regarding the eyes, but so far so good. Glad there was no scar tissue.
    What a surprise about the haircut! Isn't it amazing how they just keep on surprising us? :o)