Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Very SWEET Birthday

Today is not only Valentine's Day it is also my Mother's birthday!!! I won't say how old she is (okay, okay, she is finally turning 21 *wink*) but I will tell you all how wonderful she is.
She has stood firmly by my side from day 1.She helped me to learn and grow.She supported me in my many sports, activities, pageants and clubs... and even doubled as a taxi driver until I turned 16.She even gave me advice on boys, make-up, love, friends and life in general. Mom's have soooo many jobs and she did an excellent job at juggling it all.
Not only is she an awesome mom, she is now an even better Nana!!!

Thanks Mom for everything, I love you.
Happy Birthday, hope your day is as great as you are!!!

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