Monday, May 23, 2011


It's been awhile... a long while. I went back to school for the semester in January and haven't had time to post since. However, now I am on summer break and missing the twitter and blogging world so I'm jumping back in head first.

As most of you know Colton was very sick for several months this winter. We finally had to take him to the ER at UK Hospital, they admitted him to figure out what was wrong. They discovered that he was having a reaction to his CP medication and took him off of it immediately. It was a behavioral reaction so it was very hard to figure out, we had taken him to at least four different doctors and none of them knew what was wrong. The meds were causing him to go into fits of delirium, he was miserable. He has been placed on a new medicine that helps his legs to not be so tight and so far we have seen no ill side effects.

School, for both Colton and me, is going well. I made the Dean's List each semester this year and have a scheduled graduation date of May 2012, only one more semester of classing considering I student teach that Spring. I literally cannot wait. Little Mr. Darnell LOVES school and is doing very well. His teachers are amazing and have helped him progress outrageous amounts this year. He will "graduate" from P3 and into P4 this week. He spends his afternoons with Ms. Monica, our Nanny, they are great together and she has helped him reach many goals in just the short time she has been with us.

I'm sure there are several other things I should update you all on but they will come to me later and I will try very hard to post them. Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather.

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