Thursday, January 13, 2011


We've had lots of snow in Kentucky this winter. Colton really loves the white stuff but he has been too sick to go outside and play in it. His favorite thing is going sledding! He went back to school today and guess what they are learning about? You guessed it, snow!

After a meeting at the hospital to help start a local NICU support group (more on that later) I came to Nana and Pop's house to do craft time with Colton. We decided to make today an indoor snow day.

We played in the snow.

Tasted (that part wasn't planned) and talked about the snow. Colton can say "snow" and "cold".

Read about the snow.

And even made a snowflake picture.
Snow is fun and pretty but I'm pretty sure we aren't the only ones looking forward to Spring!

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