Friday, June 5, 2009

Fashionable Friday - Diaper Bags

Let us just be honest for a second, most diaper bags are hideous. Walking around with Winnie the Pooh characters attached to my hip just isn't my style (nothing against those of you with a cartoon character obsession, it just isn't my thing). For this Fashionable Friday post I am going to share with you some bags that are stylish AND functional from Hop Studio Diaper Tote $85.99Hoohobbers Bella Blue Messenger $69
JP Lizzy Sprout Classic Tote $98
Kalencom Ultimate Tote - Baby Pink 79.99

These are all wonderful bags but we all know sometimes having a baby puts us on a budget. Some more affordable bags can be found at BabiesRUs (see below). You just have to be a little more cautious because they do carry some tacky ones also.
Carter's Tonal Dots Tote $39.99

JJ Cole Tactic Bag - Cocoa Tree $29.99

FYI No new news on the house just yet... frustrated you ask? very much so.

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