Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ready as we'll ever be.

WOW! I cannot believe tomorrow my little boy will start preschool. It seems like just yesterday I was discussing the subject with his therapists, only for them to respond "oh, Crystal, preschool is so far away". You see, I like to have a plan, the plan doesn't always work out but I need to at least have one. The first step of the plan has been to get him as prepared for preschool as we (our family and his excellent team of early interventionists) possibly can. Everyone, especially Colton, has worked incredibly hard to get him to this day.

Last week, we had our last visits ever with Ms. Dixie and Ms. Suzanne, his vision and physical therapists. They have been with us for so long, we are all really going to miss both of them. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it through these last three years without them.

Colton is attending a public preschool here in Frankfort. We have met with his teachers and therapists there and already feel very strongly that we made the right decision to send him to this school. Colton's eyes light up every time we mention the word "school", he is ready. Everyone has warned me that I will cry tomorrow, I don't disagree, I might but more than anything I am excited. Excited that he has made it this far, that he finally gets to do something other kids his age are doing, excited that so far the plan is working and we are on the right track.

His IEP is in place, his backpack is packed and he is tucked in bed dreaming of finger paints and activity centers. WE ARE READY!

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