Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Battle of the Autumn Leaves

Once upon a time there was a little boy who was in a bit of a "mommy mood" after his first day of preschool. He wouldn't let mommy out of his earshot so they spent a few hours eating cheeseburgers, reading books and playing in the leaves.
While playing in the leaves, the little boy discovered that they made a really fun crunchy noise when he stomped on them with his new boots.
After stomping and crunching for some time, he grew curious about how the leaves felt, he decided he would explore.

They felt funny in his little hands, he giggled and so did his Mommy. When he heard her laugh he decided she was too far away and crawled through the funny, crunchy leaves to get her...
It was a long journey but finally he reached out and there was her hand.
He had braved the leaves to reach his mommy. He raised his hand to the air and declared victory over the crunchy, funny things.
Then, the mommy and her little boy went inside for a snack and nap time. They lived happily ever after.

***be sure to check out the video from his first day here.

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