Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14th

In the preemie world there are usually two birthdays, the corrected and the actual. Colton's actual is 11/25/07, his corrected is 3/17/08 (his due date). There is one more very important day in Colton's life, May 14, 2008, the day he came home from UK Hospital. There are no words to describe how a mother who has been trapped in the world of the NICU for any extended period of time feels the day she finally brings her little miracle home. It is the best feeling in the world (once you get passed the terror of no longer having medical professionals on hand 24/7). On this day last year I finally, after 172 days of his life, carried Colton through the front door of our home, up the stairs and into his room. His room, the place that had felt so wrong, like something was missing, was finally complete, he was home. Now, a year later, I once again find myself at a loss of words to describe the way I feel. The only word I can imagine to describe the feeling I get when I look into Colt's precious little face is blessed, truly, truly blessed.

The Darnell's, just before leaving UK Hospital for the first time as a family.

Two of my favorite people at UK, Heather and Kristi telling Colton "Bye"

Time to go!

Colton playing with Mommy today, May 14, 2009.


  1. Now that calls for a celebration!! Colton is SO precious. Happy Homecoming Day!!

  2. I'm the mom to a 28 weeker preemie myself.
    I know exactly how you felt at that moment, and the joy you feel as you celbrate his life today. Check out my sons blog at
    I've added you on twitter too, @palmersf