Sunday, September 26, 2010


We have had Colton's first preschool meeting (there are a few left) and are in the process of touring schools and getting evaluations completed. Can you believe in TWO months he will be THREE, I sure can't believe it. We are choosing between two local schools right now. One has a smaller class size (think 9 students) while the other is closer to home. There are pros and cons at both schools but Seth and I are just trying to make the right choice for our little boy. Tomorrow we tour the second school and have to make our decision very soon after. We are making lists, researching and praying about it a lot, his education is extremely important to us, especially with all the challenges he faces now and will face throughout his school career. A lot of people keep telling me "it's just preschool" but to me it is sooo much more. This year will set the tone for his entire education, yes things can change (get better or worse) but he is very at risk for falling very behind and we need to make sure the people responsible for teaching him are capable of helping him to transition into a classroom of same-age peers. Luckily, he will have three years to do this. His birthday is in November, preschool here starts at the age of three. The year after you turn five you enter kindergarten. So, he will turn five in November 2012 and get to stay in preschool that whole school year, starting K in fall 2013. His birthday works to his advantage in this case (unlike when he was born).

At three we face another big change also, he will lose the three therapists (OT, PT and Vision) that he has had since he came home from the hospital. They work for the state's intervention program that ends at the age of three (because preschool starts then). He will still get these services at school and will also be visiting the local rehab center but we will all miss his therapists soooo much. They are amazing (an even better word than amazing that I can't think of right now, it's late) and are the main reason he has made it as far as he has in this journey. Not only have they helped Colton but us also. When you find out your child has special needs (and aren't familiar with this "whole new world" already) you feel so lost and confused. These women have made me a better parent to Colton, helping me to navigate and master these unfamiliar roads. I will always be thankful for everything they have done. Like I said, we will ALL really, really miss them.

So tomorrow we make a decision, a decision that, in my opinion, will impact the rest of our child's life. Wish us luck.

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